EHPN PartnerPro Bundle: Your Full-Service IT Department in St. Louis

Our full suite of managed services for businesses across the St. Louis area looking for an agile and reliable IT partner. 

Navigating the complexities of modern IT requires a comprehensive approach, especially in a vibrant business environment like St. Louis. The EHPN PartnerPro Bundle combines the extensive support services of PartnerSupport with the enhanced security measures of PartnerSecure and the specialized management of the Office 365 environment, offering a full-service IT department under one flat monthly fee.

EHPN PartnerPro Overview

The PartnerPro Bundle is designed to provide complete IT management and security solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in areas such as Des Peres, Ellisville, and Ladue. Here’s a closer look at what this all-encompassing bundle includes:

PartnerSupport Services

  • Help Desk Support: Immediate assistance for all IT-related issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Proactive IT Management: Continuous monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, including workstations, servers, and network devices.
  • Patch and Antivirus Management: Regular updates and robust antivirus solutions to secure your systems from threats.

PartnerSecure Services

  • Advanced Security Measures: Comprehensive antivirus, ransomware protection, DNS protection, and password management to safeguard your digital assets.
  • Email and Data Security: Enhanced protections for your communications and data, ensuring integrity and confidentiality.

Office 365 Management

  • Backup and Recovery: Specialized backup solutions for Office 365 data, including emails, documents stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, and communications in Teams.
  • Email Protection and Archiving: Tools to protect against phishing, spam, and other cyber threats, along with compliant email archiving solutions for legal and operational needs.
The desk of an IT specialist at EHPN in St. Louis, MO.

Why Choose EHPN PartnerPro for Your Business

For businesses in St. Louis, choosing EHPN PartnerPro means partnering with a team that understands the local business landscape and is equipped to handle all IT challenges. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, EHPN becomes an extension of your team, providing the expertise and resources of a full-service IT department without the overhead costs.


  • Holistic IT Management: From technical support to security and data management, PartnerPro covers every aspect of your IT needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: A single, flat monthly fee simplifies budgeting and eliminates the unpredictability of IT expenses.
  • Enhanced Security: With the integration of PartnerSecure services, your business benefits from top-tier security measures.
  • Seamless Office 365 Integration: Expert management and backup of your Office 365 suite enhance productivity and ensure business continuity.
  • Strategic IT Consulting: Regular consultations to align your IT strategy with business goals, driving growth and efficiency.

What Our Partners Think About Our Services

In years past, we have had dedicated in-house IT employees but with EHPN we have much more.  EHPN gives us knowledgeable and timely support while saving us money! We never need to worry about when or what we should upgrade, they handle all the details for us.  Any and all potential issues are analyzed and reported in an easy-to-understand way, allowing us to make meaningful budget decisions about our software, hardware, and security issues.  Knowing all our IT issues are managed by the professional team at EHPN has allowed our management team to sleep better at night!

Clark Burns
Vice President & Owner Progressive Balloons & Gifts

Ready To Get Started?

Empower your St. Louis business with the EHPN PartnerPro Bundle, and experience the benefits of having a comprehensive, secure, and efficient IT department. Our flat monthly fee structure and the breadth of services we provide ensure that all your IT needs are met with precision and professionalism. Contact EHPN Partners today to transform how your business handles IT.

PartnerPro FAQ's

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PartnerPro includes everything from basic IT support and maintenance to advanced security protections and specialized Office 365 management, all under one service bundle.

By integrating comprehensive security measures from the PartnerSecure bundle, PartnerPro enhances your business’s defenses against the latest cyber threats.

Yes, the flat fee structure provides predictable costs, enabling better budget management while ensuring comprehensive IT support and security.