EHPN PartnerSupport: Comprehensive IT Support for St. Louis Businesses

IT Support solutions designed for large and small businesses.

For businesses in St. Louis, including areas like Ballwin, Wildwood, and Chesterfield, having a reliable technology partner is crucial to navigating the complexities of today’s IT landscape. EHPN PartnerSupport offers a unique approach to IT management, providing all-encompassing support services under a simple flat monthly fee. This bundle is designed to exceed the basic expectations from a technology partner by integrating proactive support with strategic consulting to ensure not just functionality, but growth and balance.

EHPN PartnerSupport Overview

EHPN PartnerSupport is more than just technical assistance; it’s a partnership that focuses on the holistic needs of your business. Here’s what makes our service stand out:

Comprehensive Support Services

  • Help Desk Support: Access to a dedicated help desk team ready to assist employees with any IT-related issues, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient resolution of problems.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Remediation: Continuous monitoring of workstations and servers to identify and resolve issues before they impact business operations.
  • Patch Management: Regular management of software updates to ensure your IT systems are up-to-date and secure against vulnerabilities.
  • Antivirus Management: Robust antivirus solutions are maintained and monitored to protect your systems from malware and other cyber threats.
  • Backup Management: Ensuring your data is safely backed up and can be quickly restored in case of data loss.

Added Value Services

  • Routine Onsite Visits: Regular visits from our technician and consulting teams to ensure your systems are running smoothly and to provide face-to-face support and consultation.
  • Strategic IT Consulting: Beyond immediate support, our team offers consulting services to implement technologies that align with your business goals and promote a healthy work/life balance.
EHPN IT Services Backpack

The EHPN Difference

Unlike typical IT service providers who focus on selling one-off projects, EHPN aims to build long-term relationships with our client partners. We focus on understanding and anticipating your needs to provide solutions that not only solve immediate problems but also support your business’s growth and efficiency over time.


  • Predictable Spending: With a flat monthly fee, budgeting for IT support becomes straightforward, eliminating surprises.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Minimized downtime and proactive issue resolution mean your team can stay focused on core business activities.
  • Strategic Growth: Our consulting services ensure that your IT infrastructure evolves in line with your long-term business objectives.
  • Work/Life Balance: We prioritize solutions that enhance operational efficiency, which in turn supports a better work/life balance for you and your employees.

What Our Partners Think About Our Services

In years past, we have had dedicated in-house IT employees but with EHPN we have much more.  EHPN gives us knowledgeable and timely support while saving us money! We never need to worry about when or what we should upgrade, they handle all the details for us.  Any and all potential issues are analyzed and reported in an easy-to-understand way, allowing us to make meaningful budget decisions about our software, hardware, and security issues.  Knowing all our IT issues are managed by the professional team at EHPN has allowed our management team to sleep better at night!

Clark Burns
Vice President & Owner Progressive Balloons & Gifts

Ready To Get Started?

Choose EHPN PartnerSupport for a comprehensive, thoughtful approach to IT management in St. Louis. Our goal is to provide more than just technical support; we aim to be your long-term IT partner, helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital world. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business thrive.

PartnerPro FAQ's

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Our service is not just about fixing problems but providing ongoing, proactive support and strategic IT consulting as part of a flat monthly fee.

Regular consulting helps align your technology infrastructure with business goals, ensuring IT investments contribute to growth and efficiency.

The fee includes help desk support, monitoring and maintenance of IT systems, management of patches and antivirus solutions, routine onsite visits, and strategic consulting.