EHPN Partner365: Enhancing Microsoft Office 365 Security for St. Louis Businesses

Complete Office365 management and administration services for businesses across the St. Louis area looking for a reliable solution to managing office 365 across their network.

Microsoft Office 365 is indispensable for businesses in St. Louis and beyond. However, many are unaware that Microsoft’s built-in protections do not fully safeguard against data loss. EHPN’s Partner365 Bundle is specifically designed to enhance the security and compliance of your Office 365 environment, incorporating essential services like Office 365 backup, email protection, and email archiving.

EHPN Partner365 Overview

The Partner365 Bundle addresses critical gaps in Office 365’s default security and data protection frameworks, ensuring your business communications and documents are safe, secure, and recoverable. Here’s how each component of the bundle adds value to your Office 365 setup:

Office 365 Backup

  • Comprehensive Data Protection: Our service backs up all your emails, documents stored in OneDrive and SharePoint, and communications in Teams. This ensures that you can quickly recover your data in case of accidental deletions or cyberattacks.
  • Business Continuity: With regular backups, your business operations can continue smoothly without interruption, even during data loss incidents.

Email Protection

  • Advanced Threat Defense: We configure and maintain sophisticated email protection software that guards against phishing, spam, and malware threats.
  • Best Practices Implementation: Our team implements the latest best practices to block malicious email threats effectively, ensuring your communications remain secure.

Email Archiving

  • Regulatory Compliance: For businesses that are required to maintain records for compliance, our email archiving solution captures all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Searchable Archives: We provide a robust archiving system where emails are easily searchable, supporting both internal audits and legal investigations.
Backup Monitoring in St. Louis

Why EHPN Partner365 is Essential for Your Business

The digital landscape is fraught with emerging threats that can compromise your sensitive business data. St. Louis businesses relying on Office 365 need more than just the default protections to secure their operations. The EHPN Partner365 Bundle provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that your data is not only protected but also compliant with industry standards and regulations.


  • Enhanced Security: Protects against external threats and data loss while maintaining the integrity and availability of your Office 365 data.
  • Compliance and Governance: Meets legal and regulatory requirements by ensuring that all data is properly preserved and protected.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduces the risk of business interruptions related to data loss and enhances productivity by ensuring all communications tools are optimally configured and protected.
  • Peace of Mind: With comprehensive backups and robust protection strategies, you can focus more on your business operations and less on IT security concerns.

What Our Partners Think About Our Services

In years past, we have had dedicated in-house IT employees but with EHPN we have much more.  EHPN gives us knowledgeable and timely support while saving us money! We never need to worry about when or what we should upgrade, they handle all the details for us.  Any and all potential issues are analyzed and reported in an easy-to-understand way, allowing us to make meaningful budget decisions about our software, hardware, and security issues.  Knowing all our IT issues are managed by the professional team at EHPN has allowed our management team to sleep better at night!

Clark Burns
Vice President & Owner Progressive Balloons & Gifts

Ready To Get Started?

Empower your St. Louis business with EHPN’s Partner365 Bundle, a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the security and efficiency of your Office 365 environment. Contact EHPN Partners today to safeguard your communications and ensure your business data is protected against the unexpected.

Office365 FAQ's

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Microsoft’s default protections do not cover all scenarios of data loss, such as accidental deletions or malicious attacks, making an additional backup solution essential for full data protection.

Advanced email protection shields your business from cyber threats transmitted via email, such as phishing scams and ransomware, which are increasingly prevalent.

Email archiving not only helps in compliance and legal protection but also improves data management and retrieval efficiency within your organization.